With our Server Shield package we offer a number of services including software installations,updates, fine tuning and configurations  resulting to security hardening of your linux centos server and CPanel.

Server Shield is offered for new empty servers with preinstalled CPanel or live servers. It can also be combined with our  Initial CPanel/WHM Addon(required valid licence fromCPanel) with a further discount!

Briefly our Server Shield package features the following  services.

  • CPanel stable update
  • Packages update
  • Remove unwanted services
  • Disable functions posing a security threat
  • Apache tune and check
  • Server Tweaks
  • SSH in alternate port and login custom legal message
  • SuPHP & SuExec installation
  • Login Failure Daemon installation
  • ChkrootKit installation
  • Rootkit Hunter installation
  • Enable Shell Fork Bomb
  • Enable Brute Force protection
  • Disable compilers for unprivileged users
  • cPanel MailScanner Front-End * installation
  • ConfigServer ModSecurity Controll installation
  • ConfigServer Mail Queues installation
  • ConfigServer Mail Manage installation
  • ClamAV Antivirus installation
  • MODSecurity installation with custom rules

* Requires license from


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